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Energy and Utilities industry is one of the leaders in harnessing capabilities of the new technologies. The companies unlock new business opportunities with it, but at the same time, they face an increasing number of challenges that in their core come down to the single one: how to use full technology potential.

Challenges we help you address with the cutting-edge, innovative solutions that bring real impact on our planet and accelerate digital sustainability while transforming your business into the enterprise of tomorrow.

This combination of technology and sustainability of the highest quality makes your company a pioneer, an enabler of the Future based on renewables, clean energy, and high-connectivity society.

Let’s bring the green (r)evolution and introduce the world to the era of Digital Sustainability together.

Check how to enhance the efficiency of energy management with operations and asset management platforms, network operations centers, solar and wind plants management, and battery storage systems.

Whether it considers building energy management, optimization of energy transition or overall energy efficiency management, we deliver a tool that maximizes your sustainability and benefits your business.

Extend your capabilities with advanced IoT connectivity solutions and comprehensive integrations that boost clean energy generation.

Enhance the capacity of your energy storage using end-to-end solutions for battery energy storage, smart and residential battery management, state of battery charge and health algorithms, and peer-to-peer energy sharing.

Start intelligent energy management for demand response, smart grid, micro-grid, STOR, capacity market, peak shaving, load balancing, or electric vehicle charging.

Efficient power management based on data is easier with portfolio analysis tools, predictive analytics patterns, as well as accurate metering and monitoring solutions.

Your way to ultimate efficiency with performance and cost optimization, and benchmarking best practices.


Organize your processes with well-thought Management


Operations Management Platforms

With the number of operations increasing rapidly, it becomes a challenge to manage them effectively. Our solutions help you arrange them in a clear, scalable way, track and analyze each data segment separately, as well as in combination with others, and provide you with full control of the operational activity.

Network Operation Centers

Building a strong network includes creating an efficient system that enables smooth maintenance of operational flow within the network. Monitoring and control of all operations, reporting, and effective communication systems allow you to optimize network performance by accelerating troubleshooting and elimination of network flow blockers.

Wind Turbine / Solar Farms Management Systems

The efficiency of solar and wind farms depends not only on weather conditions but also on accurate management and monitoring system. We’ll help you automate windmills and PV panels to make the most of the real-time weather conditions, as well as monitor and predict the performance of their key elements to enhance their productivity.

Battery Energy Storage Systems

Provide the best control mechanism for your battery storage system to maximize the results of energy distribution. Our solutions personalize battery performance and enhance the accuracy of battery energy disposal by managing peak shaving, energy shifting, controlling frequency and voltage.

Asset Management Platforms

Administrating your assets was never easier. Dedicated Management Platforms enables recording and tracking the assets throughout the whole life cycle, increasing their value by maximizing their utilization. You gain the transparency needed for the decision-making process based on the processed data and the ability of better optimization of assets allocation.

Tailor-made energy usage and control


Energy Efficiency Platforms

Sustainability is based on energy efficiency, optimal usage of energy, and accurate adjustments to individual needs. We support your sustainable growth by delivering solutions that provide transparent and deep insights into the energy efficiency system. From measuring energy production and consumption, monitoring the performance of the hardware, through a holistic reporting system with notifications and alerts, all performed in real-time or short time intervals.

Building Management Systems

Managing buildings’ energy systems is easier than you thought if you have the right solution. Reduce energy consumption, costs, and carbon emissions using one management system that helps you cover a vast area of needs. A system that will monitor all metering, capture live and historical data for further optimization and automation, make energy usage more stable using early issue detection, and lower repair costs using scheduled maintenance notification system.

Energy Transmission Optimization

The first step to sustainability is clean energy generation in modern power plants. It should be followed by the second one, which is effective energy transmission from the plant to the end-users. We create solutions that help you optimize energy transmission and keep energy loss on a low level during power distribution, empowering the delivery and efficiency of the whole grid.

High connectivity means vast capabilities


IoT / Edge Devices Connectivity Solutions

Like a neural connection, the Internet of Things allows you to build a network between multiple devices that can collect, manage and use data to enhance the efficiency of both the IoT network and each device within it. At the same time, IoT solutions protects the network with various preventative security mechanisms. Cloud-based infrastructure makes connecting edge devices quite uncomplicated and provides full scalability, as your business needs will grow. Whether it’s industrial, home or commercial connectivity solution, IoT makes your devices smart and efficient, and opens new opportunities for your business.

PVs & Inverter integrations

To make photovoltaic panels fully functional, they have to be connected with the inverters – devices that change alternating current into direct current. Drawing power even from multiple panels doesn’t pose any issues if the PV fleet is widely connected with the set of inverters. Our solutions integrate PV and inverters in efficient and optimized way that brings you the best possible result – maximum usability of the acquired energy.

Enhance the capacity of your energy storage


Battery Energy Storage Systems

One of our top solutions that help optimize energy usage and reduce its loss is Battery Energy System. It allows managing the amount of green energy given to the grid according to current demand in home, industrial and commercial scale. Such solution boosts cost effectiveness equally with energy flow efficiency, supplying the grid with additional energy when there’s a shortage and storing the energy surplus in batteries when the demand is low.

Smart Battery Management Systems

Smart Battery Management Systems are the ultimate improvement solution for your energy storage asset. The system optimizes and enhances comprehensive battery performance, based on the status of its diverse parameters collected and analyzed in real-time. Smart Battery Management balances charging and discharging processes, as well as controls responding to the grid energy demand. That keeps the battery in good shape and extends its service life.

Residential Battery Management

As green energy expands its use range, increasing number of households decide to be a part of more sustainable society and take full advantage of available technologies for renewables. Our Residential Battery Management solutions facilitate managing renewable energy flow within a household and sharing its energy resources with the grid. The system monitors energy usage and controls it according to house demand and manage the amount of energy which battery can give to the grid, optimizing overall household consumption and providing energy independence for a smart home.

State of Battery Charge / State of Battery Health Algorithms

Regardless of the type of battery, whether it is residential or EV battery, the crucial thing is to manage it in the most optimal way. An effective maintenance system preserves its high charge capacity and good overall health that ensure long lifetime of the device. Our expertise provides you with state-of-the-art battery maintenance systems that monitor both state of battery charge and health parameters to keep its highest capacity and prolongs its lifetime in repeated use. The algorithms controls state of the device regarding its charge and health status, identifies possible issues using predictions based on battery data, and updates you, enabling quick reactions in case of any malfunctions.

Peer-to-peer Energy Sharing Systems

Growing share of green energy in the power generation processes unlocked new opportunities for its end-consumers. One of these is Peer-to-peer Energy Sharing network where energy producer, like a single household with solar panels, can share its surplus directly with the consumer, for instance another household with energy demand. Our peer-to-peer sharing systems optimize power distribution within the network, provide a variety of choices and lower energy costs for consumers, while the producer benefit for the higher price he receives for his energy share without the corporate “middle man”. It makes purchasing energy based on renewables more accessible and ensures the competitiveness of energy costs within the local market.

Intelligent energy management


Demand Response / Smart Grid Solutions / Micro-grid Optimisation

Boosting the efficiency of electricity transmission is even more achievable if the main grid is supported by alternative energy sources in Demand Response programs. We make such connection possible. DR opens a wide operational area for the end-user, enabling his active participation in energy usage control and management. The user is provided with energy usage data insight in short time intervals, which allows him to act quickly and shave increasing energy peaks of his demand or deliver amount of clean energy to support the gird. Connectivity solutions responsible for linking smart grids with micro-grids and personal DR ensure a sustainable transmission with a significant share of renewable energy. The system is flexible due to the access to external energy reserves based on renewables when the demand is high, reduces carbon footprint, and is cost-effective for both grids and end-users.

Solutions for STOR, Capacity Market, Frequency Response, Triad Management

Managing energy usage on a big scale brings significant challenges such as securing energy capacity and balancing the demand. We help to answer these challenges with innovative solutions for short-term operating reserve (STOR), capacity market, frequency response, and triad management. Supplying the grid with STOR allows accessing emergency reserves in case of high demand like Triads demand or sudden generation unavailability. It’s one of the elements of the capacity market. High connectivity within it ensures the reliability of various external sources that can support the national grid with their reserves and provide good frequency response.

Smart electric vehicle charging (DR for EVs)

Making electric vehicle (EV) a truly smart and sustainable mode of transport, requests efficient power management. We make sure you get the most of EV charging infrastructure, minding available energy reserves. Our solutions verify how much energy you can transfer to the EV while charging, to keep its battery in good health, and to avoid overcapacity costs.

Peak Shaving / Load Balancing Solutions

As Global Travel and Finance Solutions specializes in energy usage optimization, we know how important leveling out peaks and balanced management is for industrial and commercial customers. We offer a wide range of solutions focused on achieving optimized energy consumption in a cost-effective way. Peak shaving and load balancing offer various options for quick reducing power consumption when the demand peak is too high. From scaling down production, using battery or engaging an on-site energy generation system, through temporarily reducing the production that is increased when grid demand is lower, the consumer is provided with a solution tailored to his needs.

Efficient power management based on data


Portfolio Analysis Tools

Knowledge about the strengths and weaknesses of the portfolios is crucial for every business since it highlights the areas which need improvements. Global Travel and Finance Portfolio Analysis Tools allow verifying portfolio environmental, social and governance performance (ESG) and identify the value of your sustainability efforts. A comprehensive analysis of the historical data provides an accurate estimation for future investments and allows avoiding risks, as well as managing the portfolio efficiently and responsibly.

Predictive Analytics Solutions

Energy generation and consumption data provide a comprehensive insight for future optimization. With Predictive Analytics solutions you can capture the relationships among particular factor sets, predict future patterns, and name potential opportunities to manage power consumption in a more sustainable way, saving both money and energy.

Metering & Monitoring Solutions

Our metering and monitoring solutions procure extensive insight allowing you to track your power consumption data in real-time or in short time intervals. Monitoring and notification systems equip you with up-to-date information for optimizing energy generation and usage, control your demand, and avoid demand peaks to save costs and increase energy efficiency.

The way to ultimate efficiency


Performance Optimisation Solutions

Whether it’s a single device or whole connected system, our solutions ensure its performance reaches top potential. We help you maximize the profit within the energy system, avoiding risks, lowering the costs, and effort on your way to digital sustainability.

Cost Optimization Analysis

Weak spots cause costs. To avoid unnecessary expenses, you have to identify inefficient elements of the power system. Our analytics tools not only will help you track the faulty parts of energy infrastructure, but also deliver potential improvement solution to enhance energy and cost-effectiveness, allowing you to reinvest saved means.

Benchmarking Solutions & Platforms

The ever-changing market needs constantly challenge the energy industry to deliver better and more valuable solutions. That requires deep analysis of both the company’s and competition’s assets. With advanced benchmark tools, you gain full insight into current market trends and your company capacity, which allows you to optimize the decision-making process and unlock new investment opportunities.

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