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Our origin is excellence in software. We started as a software house with fifteen people on board, wanting to deliver perfect technology solutions. Now, in 2021, when we’re a team of over sixty talents and still growing, we’re extending it into technology that makes a difference and has a tangible impact on the world of everyday life. Our goal is to actively take part in creating a positive future for both clients’ business and the environment.

This is why our focus concentrates on harnessing cutting-edge technology, talent, and innovation to create sustainability solutions for the Energy and Utilities industry in particular. We believe that’s the area we can impact the most, transforming energy businesses into digitalized and efficient enterprises with digital sustainability as the very core of their strategy.

This evolution of Global Travel and Finance came naturally, as we’ve been delivering advanced technology solutions for Energy & Utilities, especially renewables, green & clean tech. For over seven years we’ve been helping this industry to bring a real impact on the environment and empowering energy companies’ strategic assets. Now we want to make it our official mission – to unlock this huge potential and transform it into clean energy available for everyone. Bringing Digital Sustainability by harnessing Innovation, Talent & Technology is our main goal.


Our mission is harnessing innovation, talent & digital technology to build a positive future for both clients’ business and the environment.


Global Travel and Finance vision – becoming a well-known and first-choice company which transform businesses into digitized and efficient enterprises with digital sustainability.


Our foundation is built on profesionalizm, proactivity, innovation and development.

What we stand for


Digital Sustanability

Our goal is to help companies grow with digital sustainability as their strategic asset. We harness Innovation, Talent & Technology that has a positive impact on both businesses and the environment.

Smart technology

Using cutting-edge technologies is a part of our know-how. We unlock business capabilities with technology that enables them grow with a positive impact on the environment.


It’s bold ideas that make a real change. We believe that being proactive means working for a true benefit of the customer. That’s why we don’t hesitate to propose our customers taking one step more and unlocking the door to the enterprise of tomorrow.

Clean energy

We’re focused on increasing the share of energy acquired from renewable sources within the international market. Innovative technology solutions we deliver for Energy & Utilities customers help to make clean energy more cost-effective and available for commercial and residential end-users.


Our expertise, years of experience, and profesionalizm make us a reliable partner. Efficiency should be the core value of every business and we know how to make it available in end-to-end business optimization.

Together we can achieve more




PA Consulting

PA believes in the power of ingenuity to build a positive human future in a technology-driven world. As strategies, technologies and innovation collide, the company creates opportunity from complexity. Their diverse teams of experts combine innovative thinking and breakthrough technologies to progress further, faster. Company’s clients adapt and transform, and together they achieve enduring results. PA includes over 2,800 specialists in consumer, defence and security, energy and utilities, financial services, government, healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing, and transport, travel and logistics. And we operate globally from offices across the Americas, Europe, the Nordics and the Gulf.

Software Development Association Poland

SoDA (Software Development Association Poland) is an association of professionals with vast background in IT, deeply embedded in the industry. The knowledge and experience, backed with the tech drive and some of the best developers nationwide, enables the organization to assist its members in their industry journey.

Electriq Power

Electriq Power is US based developer of intelligent and integrated home energy storage, management and monitoring solutions. Electriq Power has developed a premier smart home battery storage solution for homes and small businesses, called PowerPod. The company helps homeowners harness the power of smart batteries to achieve a more renewable energy solution. PowerPod systems have been deployed across the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico, integrating clean energy into a home’s energy systems.


Enerhym is a German consulting company focused on the  meter-to-cash process of  the energy industry and specialized management consultancy. Enerhym’s team supports clients in this process from the reading to the receipt of payment. The name (from  ENE rgy  RHY th M) stands for our motivation to help our customers keep pace with the ever-changing energy industry. The company offers a comprehensive competence and theme portfolio with consistent implementation orientation around the meter-to-cash process.

Rensys Management Consulting

RENSYS – MANAGEMENT CONSULTING occupies energy industries in the field of project and product management. Its focus lays on grid-connected energy supply, renewable energy production and the digital transformation resulting in this context.

Renewable Energy Association

REA was established in 2001 as a not-for-profit trade association, representing British renewable energy producers and promoting the use of renewable energy in the UK. REA helps our members build commercially and environmentally sustainable businesses whilst promoting clean technologies and increasing the contribution of renewable energy to the UK’s electricity, heat, transport and green gas needs.

Walk the talk!

We know that actions speak louder than words. Check what we crafted out of our clients’ needs and ideas.

Client Portals

Solar Generation Company - IoT solution for solar energy management

Solar Generation Company – IoT solution for solar energy management Industry Energy & Utilities

Client Portals

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WorkBuzz – Employee Feedback Platform, the tools which helps to build the world’s best workplaces In

Client Portals

How smart batteries help homeowners to achieve energy efficiency and effective energy storage

Electriq Power – Energy Management Grid Platform for the Smart Battery Home System Industry Energy &


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